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Absolutely Professional

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We are now open for business!!

After working in multiple industries as a Product and Project Manager I am ecstatic for the first day of Absolutely Professional!!

Over the years I have discovered and uncovered many qualities about myself that may have gone unnoticed had I not been introduced to this profession. I am very grateful to my first mentor, Penny Parks, who worked for USMotivation as a Vice President of Travel Operations. Penny took my analytical skills as a Computer Programmer and my organizational skills as an Executive Assistant and taught me everything else I needed to Plan, Strategize, Develop and Implement a project... and when I say I got my hands dirty in every aspect of the Life Cycle, that is what I mean. We were a fairly small operation with clients all of the world and we made magic happen with our keen attention to detail, strategic partnerships and intelligent execution.

I bring that experience and knowledge gained over the last 20 years to this business and l look forward to many more years of making projects go green, stay green and being made true for client/customer consumption.

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